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The Best Beaches of Bali

Friday, August 20, 2021

 The famous Island of Gods is a place where every sight can be considered divine. The island has them all: a real variety of mountainous and volcanic landscapes, a unique mixture of a rough coastline and sandy beaches, friendly and welcoming locals, and impressive cultural habits. It is said that the hotels in Bali are even among the most luxurious in the whole world. Here are some of the best beaches you can find on the island.

Bali has many great beaches for all kinds of visitors. If you want to swim, surf, or just catch the sun, Bali has the perfect beach for you. The best period for enjoying Bali’s amazing beaches in the dry season, from April to October. During the wet season, though, you might experience heavy rains and dirty beaches, especially on the West Coast.

Kuta Beach

This is well known for the long sandy beach, the varied types of accommodation, and for the great waves that made Kuta the number one destination for all the experienced Australian surfers. The surfing mecca of Bali is also known for its fine restaurants and most people recommend the seaside cafes in Kuta for admiring the sunset.

Nusa Dua

This particular South Bali peninsula is a famous host for luxury hotels in Bali. The shiny beach is perfect for swimming and if you think you had enough of this amazing sand and water, you could try the golf course nearby. Once you’re here, make time to visit some of the greatest museums on the island.


This is Bali’s first beach resort and one of Bali’s largest traditional villages. It’s one of the best diving spots on the island and it has a natural, untainted beauty that other beaches on the island seem to have lost. For an authentic Balinese experience and an unforgettable tropical day, Sanur is the best option.

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