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Chinese Movie The Old Town Girls 2021 Review

Friday, August 20, 2021



On July 15, the movie "The Old Town Girls", produced by Li Yu and Fang Li, directed by Shen Yu, and starring Wan Qian and Li Gengxi, revealed its poster and trailer, announcing that it will be released nationwide on August 27. The movie is the first collaboration between Wan Qian and Li Gengxi, in which they work together to play the mother-daughter love, dedication to the youth story about love and obsession.

In the poster, the mother-daughter duo is warm and happy, youthful and flying, but the trailer reveals the special relationship between the mother and daughter. The return of mother Qu Ting (Wan Qian) brings love and hope to Shui Qing's (Li Geng Xi) lonely youth. However, the arrival of a mysterious man, Lao Du (Huang Jue), shatters the hard-won happiness of mother and daughter and triggers a deadly crisis. When her mother is in danger and her happiness is about to be taken away from her, Shui Qing decides to let go and defend her lost and found mother's love at all costs. How should they deal with this crisis? How to deal with this special mother-daughter relationship? How to unravel the mystery?

The story takes place in a soon-to-be-abandoned southern heavy industrial city, where Shuiqing was abandoned by her mother Qu Ting as a child and longed for a sense of belonging. One day, Shuiqing finally waited for her mother, who had been lost for 17 years, and immersed herself in the long-lost warmth. But things are not as simple as Shuiqing imagined. The return of her mother Qu Ting brings warmth to her sorrowful and painful youth, but also brings a crisis. In the face of the crisis, Shuiqing decided to bravely defend her lost and found love.

In the movie's poster, Qu Ting drove through the tunnel, and Shui Qing naughtily poked her body out of the window, looking at her mother, her eyes full of the joy of regaining her mother's love, mother and daughter happy, smiling brightly. The movie's trailer, however, unveils the dark sores behind the seemingly bright youth, the predicament, and suspense. The return of mother Qu Ting makes Shuiqing's loveless youth less lonely, but also deep in a predicament. While the mother and daughter look forward to a better future, they are forced to face the reality of the looming crisis.

"The Old Town Girls" is the screen debut of Li Gengxi, she and Wan Qian in the movie for the first time as mother and daughter partners. In the movie, Wan Qian is still playful, charming, played Qu Ting such a dangerous and charming mysterious woman, let people think warm and bright at the same time hidden secrets. The new actor Li Gengxi took off the label of "Qiao Yingzi" and "national daughter" from "A Little Reunion" and played the role of a pure girl like Shui Qing who is humble enough to seek love and brave enough to guard it.

"The Old Town Girls" is a youth film focusing on the growth of women. The movie presents not only the joyful and beautiful side of youth, but also its real, painful and brutal side. The movie shows the sorrowful youthful growth of the "bunny gang" girls, who lack love and long for it and have to seek it in their own childish and brutal way. But at the same time, this is a movie full of warmth, the sudden arrival of the mother, the "rabbit gang" of girlfriends, the warm and dangerous friendship, giving her light and warmth in the dark tunnel, so she has the motivation to climb out of the mire.

The film focuses on women's growth and youth protection, and the story is told from the perspective of a young girl, Shuiqing, focusing on the "misplaced" mother-daughter relationship between Qu Ting and Shuiqing. In the film, Shuiqing's experience is heartbreaking: her biological mother left her when she was one year old, and she has been living a lonely life with no love from her biological father and no love from her stepmother. The family of origin becomes one of the main issues discussed in the film. In real life, there are many children like Shuiqing who lack the love of their families of origin. The creators want to use the film "Rabbit Violence" to call more attention to the growth of young people and the influence of the family of origin on children, and to serve as a warning for youth protection. Children deserve more love, and on the occasion of Tanabata, "The Old Town Girls" hopes to spread this love through the film story.

There is no woman who will not empathize with the movie after seeing it", was the comment of the audience after the premiere of "The Old Town Girls" at the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival. This is a film that can move audiences, especially women. As a debut film, "The Old Town Girls" has been recognized in major movie festivals around the world.

"The Old Town Girls" gained widespread attention and recognition even before it was released in theaters, and it could not have been made without the support of a strong cast. The movie is also the seventh collaboration between the golden pairing of Li Yu and Fang Li, following Zhu Yan, Guanyin Mountain, Second Exposure, All Things Considered, and Sunshine Robbers. Li Yu also changed her identity, and together with Fang Li, she took on the role of the film's executive producer for the first time, and together they escorted Shen Yu's debut film. The film's director, Shen Yu, was one of the top five directors in the first "Green Onion Project". She won the first "Green Onion Project" with her original script "The Old Town Girls" and was awarded the Directors Guild support fund.


Movie: The Old Town Girls
Chinese Title: 兔子暴力 / Tu Zi Bao Li
Also Known As: Rabbit violence
Release Date: August 27, 2021 - ?
Genre: Crime, Drama, Family
Director: Shen Yu
Screenwriter: Shen Yu, Qiu Yujie, Fang Li
Production Company: Laurel Films
Executive Producer: Yang Feifei
Chief Producer: Li Yu, Fang Li
Country: China


Main Cast

Wan Qian as Qu Ting
Huang Jue as Lao Du
Pan Binlong as Lao Ma
Teresa Li Gengxi as Shui Qing
Zhou Ziyue as Ma Yueyue

 Supporting Cast

Shi An as Shui Hao
Zack Gao Huayang
Yu Gengyin as Bai Haowen
Chai Ye as Jin Xi
Ji Yunxiao


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