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Chinese Drama Fall In Love 2021 Review

Saturday, August 28, 2021


The cast list has always been of great concern to the public, and after the announcement of the lineup, many netizens have said that the lineup is so good, although the main actors are very young, Chen Xingxu, Zhang Jing Yi, and others have previously participated in some popular film and television works, in the acting skills are also recognized by the public.

The drama is set in the Republic of China during the warring warlords' period and tells the story of a romantic love affair between Tan Xuan Lin and Mu Wanqing.  Mu Wanqing, the first daughter of a Shanghai plutocrat, most powerful plutocrat, returns to China to bury her mother, but on the way, she accidentally befriends Tan Xuan Lin, a major in the Tan family's army, and Xu Guangyao, the son of a childhood friend, who is the governor of Yuecheng.

In 1926, Mu Wanqing, who had been in Japan for ten years after her parents' break-up, returns to Japan with her mother's ashes for burial, ostensibly to join her father, but in fact to find out the truth about the death of her brother, who caused the break-up. Tan Xuanlin, a Shanghai city defender who has been ostracised because of his lowly background, is still on thin ice after his reversal of fortune. Xu Guangyao, the only son of the commander of Yue Cheng, is the proud son of a star, but he is disgusted by the power struggle in the government. The three young men, Mu Wanqing, Tan Xuanlin, and Xu Guangyao, form a close bond. In order to gain a foothold in the Mu family, Mu Wanqing deliberately approaches Xu Guangyao as a backer, while Tan Xuanlin offers to cooperate with Mu Wanqing in order to investigate an old case related to the Mu family. After a series of ups and downs and even life and death trials, Tan Xuanlin and Xu Guangyao, under the guidance of Liao Xi, a communist, see through the essence of the reactionary warlord's "self-interest, family without a country" and join the revolutionary tide in the same way. In the process, the love between the three of them grows into a gripping love story.

The first wave of stills from "Fall In Love" has been released, revealing the characters and distinctive personalities of the lead actors. In the stills, the male lead Tan Xuan Lin (Chen Xingxu) looks serious, his eyebrows are slightly averted, and his handsome military look is a great hit; the female lead Mu Wanqing (Zhang Jingyi) stands with her eyes fixed on the front, showing her gentle and feminine style; Xu Guangyao (Lin Yanjun) is graceful and elegant, with a sharp and stylish military uniform, which is eye-catching; Gu Yueshuang (Chen Xinyu) smiles sweetly and is beautiful; Su Hongchen (Cai Guang Tai) is frowning and has a stern look in his eyes, and Mu is a beautiful woman. The stills show the beauty of Gu Yueshan (Chen Xinyu), who looks beautiful with a smile; Su Hongchen (Cai Guang Tai), who has a frown and a stern look in his eyes; Mu Wanting (Ma Yue), who stands silently and looks straight at the camera; Pei Shaojun (Yuan Ruohang), who looks over the fence with a hint of tension in his expression; Tan Sang Yu (Dai Ya Qi), who is sweet and student-like; and Tan Si (Shao Weitong), who is cold and tough with a firm look in his eyes. A set of beautiful stills has raised the audience's expectations for the drama, with many netizens exclaiming, "It's not enough, let the stills be more intense".


Drama: Fall in Love
Revised romanization: Yi jian qing xin
Hangul: 一见倾心
Director: Lin Jian Long, Chen Guo Hua
Screenwriter: Zhang Yu
Network: Youku
Episodes: 38
Release Date: Aug 31, 2021 - ?
Language: Chinese
Country: China


Oliver Chen - Tan Xuan Lin
Zhang Jing Yi - Mu Wan Qing
Evan Lin - Xu Guang Yao
Maggie Chen - Gu Yue Shuang

Ma Yue - Mu Wan Ting
Dai Ya Qi - Tan Sang Yu
Shao Wei Tong - Tan Si
Huo Zheng Yan - Yan Xi
Xiu Qing - Xu Bo Jun
Zheng Xiao Ning - Mu Zhi Yuan
Yuan Ruo Hang - Pei Shao Jun
Cai Guang Tai - Su Hong Chen


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