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Top 8 Special Vietnamese Salads

Sunday, August 29, 2021


1. Spicy chicken gizzard salad

Be creative with the spicy and sour chicken gizzard salad, full of novelty and attractiveness.

Recipe: Choose large pieces of fresh chicken gizzards, bright red, not viscous, clean, then soak with white wine and salt to get rid of the bad smell. Boil and boil with a little salt, then drain and cut into the shape of a chicken crest for beauty or your choice but must be sliced ​​very thin to absorb the spices more easily. Onions soaked in salt water mixed with vinegar or lemon to reduce pungent, laksa leaves cut into pieces. Mix spices in the ratio of 1 evenly for the salad dressing: 1 pepper + 1 sugar + 1 lemon + 1 salt, adjust accordingly so that the sour, sweet, and sweet taste is harmonious. Mix chicken gizzards, onions, laksa leaves with water for a while for the flavors to infuse evenly.

This popular dish is easy to eat, easy to make but equally delicious. You can eat it with rice or use rolled white cake dipped in chili garlic soy sauce to eat is also very interesting.

2. Lotus salad

Lotus root salad is one of the features of Vietnamese culinary culture, an ethereal, juicy dish from natural vegetables. How to look crispy, white, and not dark is the decisive factor of the dish.

Recipe: The secret to choosing lotus roots, choosing small stalks to eat will be crispy and delicious. Natural lotus root does not use any plant drugs, so it is very safe for health. People mix the ingredients: onions, shredded carrots, roasted peanuts, shrimp meat, laksa leaves with sweet and sour fish sauce, stir and incubate to infuse the spices.

With a fairly simple method, this delicious and attractive dish will bring delicious taste without being tired.

3. Pepper elder salad

Vegetable crabs grow well in the garden when the weather is humid, rainy and shady. Crab claw vegetables are best eaten when made into a salad with beef. Crispy pieces of green vegetables are emphasized by delicious pieces of beef, creating a light, easy-to-eat crab salad.

Recipe:You just need to stir-fry beef with non-yellow garlic, then mix with the ingredients: sliced green banana, thinly sliced onion, crab claws with sweet and sour water, and then add a spoon of sesame oil to create consistency for the dish.

This refreshing, mineral-rich and protein-rich dish will be the ideal menu for housewives.

4. Banana flower salad

Banana flower is a vegetable that is loved by many people, an extremely expensive clean vegetable that adorns delicious dishes that are extremely hard to resist. Banana flower has a lot of fiber, if you eat banana flower salad, it will be very good for people with intestinal diseases, eating indigestion. Banana flowers are also extremely good for postpartum mothers whose milk is rare, after just a few meals, milk will be abundant for your baby. There are many more benefits from banana flower salad, so why don't you go to the kitchen right away to get this wonderful dish.

5. Sweet and sour catfish mango salad

Recipe: Crispy, fragrant golden fish mixed with sweet and sour mango and sweet and sour salad will bring a delicious dish. Green sand mango 0.25 kg (about half a fruit), a yellow catfish, 10 kumquats, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 4 stalks of coriander, 5 bulbs of purple onion. In addition, you need to prepare more garlic, chili, cooking oil and delicious fish sauce. Clean slime fins of catfish (remove 2 fishy blood clots), dry, use a knife to cut along the back of the fish, leaving a section at the tail. Three thinly sliced ​​purple onions soaked with vinegar, sugar, and salt. The remaining two tubers are thinly sliced ​​and yellowed. Wash the coriander leaves and pat dry. Peel the mango, cut into 4 cm thick pieces and then slice (do not wash). Fill the pan with oil and keep the heat high. When you see a drop of oil glistening, drop the fish in, let it rest for 3 minutes, turn the fish evenly, reduce the heat, fry and pour the oil over the fish. When you see the golden fish crispy is fine.

Take a large flat round plate, arrange the basil on the bottom, spread the sand mango on top, use scissors to cut the fish into small pieces and arrange the fish in its original shape. Water the fish with a tablespoon of onion vinegar and place the pickled onion in the middle of the fish's back. Stir fried onions evenly over the fish. Chan added 2 tablespoons of mixed salad dressing (the juice of 10 kumquats + garlic + chili + fish sauce + monosodium glutamate). Garnish with flowered chili peppers.

6. Coconut core salad

Coconut core salad has a sweet and sour taste, suitable for the whole family. Coconut core is often processed as food and is frugal because it is low in fat. Coconut core tuber is the very white young body on the top of the coconut tree. This is a nutritious and healthy food.

Recipe: Shredded Coconut core into thin slices about 0.3 cm long with two knuckles. If you want the coconut core to be crispy and not bruised, you should soak it in ice water with a few drops of lemon juice in it for a while, then take it out and let it dry. Boiled shrimp, remove the shell and head, split in half, keep the tail for beauty. Steamed squid, cut into circles. Chop the carrots into chunks the size of a chopstick. Thinly sliced ​​onions. Squeeze carrots and onions with a pinch of salt. Mix all the prepared ingredients in a large bowl.
Mix salad dressing by stirring together the juice of half a lemon, 3 teaspoons of sugar, add chili and minced garlic, and 4 tablespoons of fish sauce. Slowly add 2/3 of the water to mix the salad into the mixture, taste the salad, if it is pale, add the rest of the fish sauce. Mix the salad evenly but do not forcefully, avoid making the ingredients water. Sprinkle roasted peanuts, laksa leaves on top of the salad. Garnish with peppers and flowered carrots. Coconut core salad served with shrimp puff pastry.

7. Pig ear salad

The sour taste of green mango blends with the crispy pig's ears, mixing smoothly in the salty and sweet taste of the mixed water, just thinking about it makes me crave. Mangoes have a lot of vitamins and minerals, help the body have good resistance, improve the body's immune system. Now mixed with appetizers to stimulate the taste buds.
Crispy pig ear salad with a few strands of green mango, carrots, the rich taste of roasted peanuts, the aroma of spices mixed in fig leaves, cassava leaves, or rice paper dipped with sweet and sour sauce makes everyone fall in love.

8. Jellyfish salad

On hot days or in the sweltering summer, a cool, delicious, and nutritious dish like seaweed jellyfish salad will be a great suggestion for you to immediately add to your family's meal menu. Surely this will be an attractive dish to help "rescue" the taste of your family members when they are tired or bored.

For many people, especially people in the sea, jellyfish salad has become familiar. This rustic dish, though simple, has high nutritional value, is very cool to eat and is good for health. Not only that, thanks to the attractive taste of each piece of delicious crispy jellyfish mixed with rich spices that harmonize sour, spicy, salty, sweet ... but just enjoy it once, all diners have been "infatuated".

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