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Yang Mi and her close friends went to Sanlitun

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Now the unique way of dressing in missing shirts is not as novel as it was at the beginning, and it is almost as accustomed as small white shoes.

However, it can still attract countless people to choose. It is not without reason that it can be hot for so long. It can not only reduce the presence of the lower clothes and fully show off the long legs but also can be a fashionable dress for a small person. Yang Mi likes missing clothes very much. This time Yang Mi and his girlfriends are shopping for "missing clothes". Just looking at the back, can you recognize Da Mi Mi?

Yang Mi is a veritable "legs" and often shows off his good figure in daily life. This time, Yang Mi went to Sanlitun again, and both of them were missing from their besties, and they could recognize her by looking at the back with long legs and slender legs. "Missing under the clothes" in addition to its own superior long legs, there are also some practical tips when matching, the following cat sister will come to talk specifically.

Three practical tips for missing shirts

①: Use mid-length coat to show legs and hide meat

Compared to directly using a T-shirt to create the missing shirt, it seems more practical to use a mid-length coat. Although not as simple and direct as a single product, it is more practical. It does not hide the bottom clothes completely, revealing a sense of hierarchy. Compared with the pullover tops directly hiding the shorts, it is more conservative, and there is room for inner play to highlight the existence of the waistline, which is beneficial to Create a body proportion that is short and long underneath. It is recommended that you choose a jacket with a silhouette like a suit, which has a sense of contour so that it is more convenient to hide meat while showing your legs.

②: Choose a loose-fitting top for the slender legs

When choosing a top, it is recommended to try a loose version. The loose top can set off the slender legs. This is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for girls who choose to show their legs and are missing. Moreover, as long as the exposed legs have no obvious shortcomings, it can be a plus point for the styling. Just like some pear-shaped girls, choosing a loose top with a long length can just hide the waist and thighs. Get up, and at the same time reveal the slender legs to divert attention, play a role in promoting strengths and avoid weaknesses, and also have the effect of slimming.

③: Match high socks to modify the calf line

The role of shoes in wearing and matching can not be ignored, especially in the moment of creating such a show of missing clothes. High-waisted items such as high stockings and knight boots are also worth trying. They can extend the legs, especially the black color, which helps to weaken the body dimension, which is beneficial to show the effect of slender legs. In essence, it can show the effect of "comic legs". And if the calf is not perfect, the black high stockings hide the muscles of the legs, combined with the black modification to make them look thin, the effect of the contoured knight boots will be more obvious.

Trendy LOOK with missing bottoms

LOOK1: Striped T-shirt + missing shirt

The red and white striped T-shirt is classic and eye-catching, combined with the missing bottoms, it has a stylish effect. This striped T-shirt first adopts red and white colors. The addition of positive red can increase the eye-catching degree of the shape, and the stripes are relatively wide, which is more obvious than the delicate and delicate visual effect of the ultra-fine stripes. It has a classic atmosphere of stripes. At the same time, there is a touch of personality. The mid-length hem can hide the waist and hips while weakening the presence of the lower garment. If the legs are sufficiently slender and slender, they can become a highlight in the styling, adding points to the styling.

LOOK2: The bottom of the lemon yellow sweater is missing

The lemon yellow sweater is very eye-catching, and the effect of showing long legs is doubled when combined with the missing shirt. The lemon yellow hooded sweater is full of vitality, and the beautiful colors can attract more attention to the shape. The effect of showing the figure can be said to be doubled, but the premise is that the figure is sufficiently superior, or the shortcomings will also be magnified. The missing way of wearing the bottom clothes can be said to be in harmony with the beautiful colors. After being caught by the bright yellow, you can notice the slender and long legs, allowing the superior body to play a role to the greatest extent.

LOOK3: Black printed suit + shirt missing

Black suits have always been more serious and restrained. Choosing an oversized version can create the effect of missing bottoms, which has a novel fashion effect. We often see black suits in the workplace. They are classic and highly formal, but they tend to look dull and monotonous in daily wear. You can combine the richness of printing like this to make them look pretty. You can also choose the oversized version to match the ultra-short bottoms to create the effect of missing bottoms, exposing the leg lines to add femininity to the shape, and it also looks unique, and the stereotype of the black suit can also be reduced a lot.

Okay, that's the end of this issue about the missing bottoms. Which style of the missing bottoms do you think Yang Mi looks best/

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