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Chinese Drama The Master of Cheongsam 2021 Review

Monday, August 30, 2021


On June 2, the trailer and stills of the iQiyi project "The Master of Cheongsam", a period drama, were released, revealing the charm of many characters. Set in the late Qing Dynasty, the drama tells the story of Lu Yuanzhi, a talented tailor, who grows up to become a generation of Chinese costume masters in the chaotic world. In addition to the emotional entanglement between the young hero and heroine, the appearance of many veteran actors and actresses in the drama is also highly anticipated.

"When women choose clothes, the most important thing is two words, "they like". "The first line in the trailer is fascinating and hits the nerve of today's youth. As a Republican drama, "The Master of Cheongsam" has a strong historical charm as well as a focus on the dynamic and energetic side of the young male and female leads as they grow and transform. In the trailer, the male protagonist Lu Yuanzhi, as a small tailor with aspirations, has a bloodthirsty and cheerful character, showing the incompatibility spirit that is "out of place" in that era, and he even set himself the "small goal" of making the Empress Dowager's auspicious costume and making his master, Su Jing'an, scared for him day in and day out. This is a youthful and grounded Republican drama, which I believe will not be too far removed from young viewers, but will instead find a sense of fire, excitement and deep empathy in the growth of the characters.

In addition to Lu Yuanzhi, the 3-minute trailer also shows the other main characters: the gentle, warm-hearted and complex Jiang Mosheng (Hong Yao), the progressive young woman Zhao Lijun (Zhao Yuanwon), who is a ghostly spirit but has a heart for her country, Su Peiyao (Yang Qiru), who finally understands her own feelings after some choices, and Kang Ning (Gai Yuexi), who is a sweet and abusive couple with Lu Yuanzhi, The drama is about the love-hate relationship, transformation and growth of young men and women in a turbulent situation. In addition, several veteran actors have joined the cast, making the drama even more interesting, especially the trailer shows the complex feud between Zhang Chenguang's Bai Henian and Liu Peiqi's Su Jing'an, which has lasted for more than 30 years, Hou Yong's Shao Dekai's overbearing words "There is no place for you on the Shanghai Bund", Chen Pei's Na He Tai's pounding his feet and pounding his chest The tense scenes are intertwined, making one curious to see what the veteran actors in the drama will bring to the table. It is also worth mentioning that this is also Chen Pei's return to the screen after many years to present a web drama production.

From the stills and trailer released this time, the overall production quality of "The Master of Cheongsam" is very good, coupled with the rich and exciting plot, vivid and three-dimensional portrayal of the group, the new generation of actors and veteran actors and actresses, it can be said to be a good success, and the subsequent exposure of the developments can continue to pay attention!


Drama: The Master of Cheongsam
Native title: 一剪芳华 / Yi Jian Fang Hua
Also Known As: Yi Jian Fang Hua , Yat Jin Fong Wa , 一剪芳華
Director: Zhang Feng
Screenwriter: Zheng Wan Long
Genre: Period, drama
Episodes: 40
Airs On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Network: iQiyi
Airs: Aug 31, 2021 - ?
Country: China


Zhang Hao Wei as Lu Yuanzhi
Gai Yue Xi as Kang Ning
Hong Yao as Jiang Mosheng
Zhao Yuan Yuan as Zhao Lijun
Yang Qi Ru as Su Peiyao
Zhang Chen Guang as Bai Henian
Liu Pei Qi as Su Jingan
Liu Min as Wu Wenli
Chen Pei Si as Na Hetai
Hou Yong
Zhao Zi Qi
Chi Shuai
Yan Jing Jie as Adjutant Chen
Yan Yan as Hua'er


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