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"Stylish" With Basic Street Style Outfit Ideas

Wednesday, September 1, 2021


Fashion is a need that everyone needs. In particular, women's fashion is very diverse, can arbitrarily combine many types of costumes to create their own style. However, in order not to make fashion mistakes, you can refer to some of the following "mix - match" ideas.

1. Midi skirt + short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirt

The lightness and grace of the midi skirt as well as the short/long sleeve shirt designs seem to be more sublimated when the two are combined together. It's not too cold, but it's not as hot as summer, the ideal time to wear a short-sleeve or long-sleeved shirt with a feminine midi skirt. 

That's why, no matter how many years have passed, and how many disruptive trends have led, this combo is always the first priority choice when it comes to collection.

2. Jeans + blazer

The couple always brings an elegant look that any girl can easily apply to the everyday office style. The basic blazer seems to be more unique thanks to the presence of jeans, while the personality of jeans is embodied by the familiar blazer itself. 

They seem to be born for the office lady, modern, young and always looking for style and fashion in the rigidity of basic clothes.

3. Mix with jacket

Jackets are not only used to avoid the sun or keep the body warm, but we also need a thin jacket design for us outfit to be more stylish. Sometimes a set of clothes is too sexy, you need a jacket to soften the style and look more luxurious. 

No need to look far, just wear a simple set of light outerwear with a thin jacket and you will have a "fashionista" outfit, beautiful anytime, anywhere regardless of the weather.

4. Short or long suit

Every season, changing from summer to autumn, the suit is on the throne, occupying the pioneer position for the office style of the ladies. Suits, whether stylized or standing, short or long, pants or skirts, are also available with elegant elegance for girls to be polite in all situations. 

Change flexibly with the familiar long-standing suit designs or choose more graceful and feminine with a suit with shorts or a skirt that shows off your elongated legs, so the suit is also more youthful and dynamic. Walking on the street looks very prominent and attracts the opposite person.

5. Layer long-sleeved shirt with slip dress or heart two wire shirt, sleeveless

The most familiar layer sets are long-sleeved shirts mixed with slip dress or heart two wire shirt, sleeveless. 

Although they are layers, they are all thin and light items, not thick and bulky. Gentle layer sets like these are suitable for all seasons and it makes you look softer and cuter.

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