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Chinese Drama GO Into Your Heart 2021 Review

Wednesday, September 1, 2021


NetEase Entertainment reported on August 6 that the main actors of the youth love competition heritage TV series "GO Into Your Heart", jointly produced by Happy Blue Ocean Film and Television Group and Perfect World Pictures, produced by Perfect World Pictures' Liu Ning Studio and directed by Ju Jue Liang and Liu Chang, were announced today. The two strong actors, Li Landi and Niu Junfeng, will work together to perform a sweet and beautiful healing sweet love. The drama is adapted from the popular novel "She Wo Qi Shei" by Gong Zi Shi San, which tells the story of the healing sweet love between a budding reporter Cheng Liao and the chess world's most popular figure Sheng Jingchu. The official release today of a set of "chess destiny" theme posters, sweet, preemptive, "black and white world, you are my only colour" made netizens cry out in anticipation.

In the poster of the Chinese style released by "GO Into Your Heart", the corners of Li Lan Di's mouth are slightly raised and her smile is sweet, which seems to have the magic power to heal the heart instantly; Niu Jun Feng in a white hanfu is holding a folding fan, emitting a faint fairy aura. The two of them are in a dense ink background, one cold and one warm, showing a fresh and beautiful sense of couple. In another warm and healing poster, the long-haired Li Landi embraces Niu Junfeng from behind, and their expressions convey the purity and brightness unique to youth, triggering endless romantic reveries.

Recognised as a young actress both inside and outside the industry, the girlish Li Landi always manages to portray her characters in a comfortable, fresh and spring-like manner. She has previously become the "national first love" of many people with her brilliant performance in "Hello, Old Times(My Huckleberry Friends)", which also showed the audience her dynamic and versatile acting skills. In her life, Li Landi is a spooky elf who can be both sweet and salty, spirited and serene. What kind of new image will she portray in the next episode? Let's wait and see.

Niu Junfeng, who plays the male protagonist Sheng Jingchu in the drama, has also attracted attention, as he won the Best Actor of the Year in Actors in Place last year and received unstinting praise from director Chen Kaige, who said he had "a bright future". Niu Junfeng started his career at the age of 10 and is a true child actor. He has been acting for 18 years and has appeared in more than 30 popular films such as "Battle of Changsha" and "The Legend of Jade Sword", and has become an actor recognised by the audience for his solid and heartfelt acting skills. In this drama, he plays the role of Sheng Jingchu, a genius Go player, who is completely immersed in the world of Go, seemingly cool, but with few words and many routines.

The official announcement of the main cast has been praised by many netizens for its "perfect casting", which is what they imagined in terms of appearance and temperament. It is worth mentioning that the production team has always had its own strict criteria and methods in casting, focusing on acting skills and the degree of fit with the characters. The production team's dedication to the new production and the high quality of the production. What will be the sweet encounter between the colourful healing girl and the black-and-white Go boy in the drama? How will the "early summer" play out? Let's watch "GO Into Your Heart" to reveal the secret one by one.

The beautiful ancient mythological romance "Ashes of Love" broke people's stereotypes of traditional costume dramas, building a new worldview and creating impressive mythological characters. The young love drama "Snow Pear Stewed in Rock Sugar" is a perfect blend of "sweet" youth love and "hot" ice sports, creating a unique "ice candy" love story. The film is a unique blend of youthful romance and ice sports. The story and characters are slowly presented in the world of Go, telling the story of the way of Go and the momentum of youth in an in-depth manner. In order to make the game of Go more enjoyable and storytelling, "The Game of Go" is presented in the form of an "in-brain game mini-theatre", which allows the young Go players to play in an oriental fantasy world like a dream. The blend of Chinese style and youth, reality and imagination complement each other, giving the show a unique national style and sweet romance. Many viewers are also curious about how this drama will use the way of Go to solve the heart-tugging scheme of love, and have left comments saying, "I'm looking forward to the high level love teaching"!

In addition to the sweet two-way flirtation between Cheng Liao and Sheng Jingchu, the concept of "inheriting Go culture and creating a youthful national style" is also the consistent creation concept of "GO Into Your Heart". All the efforts have been put in. The show's quality is evident in its details, and the "freshness" and sweetness of the show are sure to bring you a different kind of sugar experience, worthy of the sweetest anticipation!


Drama: GO Into Your Heart
Native Title: 舍我其谁
Also Known As: Who To Give Away , She Wo Qi Shei , 舍我棋谁 , If I Can't Do It, Who Can? , Who But Myself Can Do It? , Chess Love , 舍我其谁
Director: Kuk Kok Leung, Liu Chang
Episodes: 40
Airs: Sep 8, 2021 - ?
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Network: Youku
Country: China


Landy Li - Cheng Liao
Niu Jun Feng - Sheng Jing Chu
Han Jiu Nuo - Cheng Yi
Qin Tian Yu - Cao Xi He
Zhu Jia Qi - Jiang Yu Da
Cao Bo - Yao Ke
He Xuan Lin - Ding Lan
Chris Song - Xu Chi
Xia Ming Hao - Jie Chang An
Lu Jun Yao - Yan Xiao


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