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Chinese Drama Bai Ling Tan 2021 Review

Thursday, August 19, 2021


Recently, the mythological immortal drama "Bai Ling Tan" starring Guo Junchen, Kang Ning, and Wei Tianhao was completed. Although the actors are not just popular, this wave of the lineup is still quite capable of fighting.

The drama is adapted from the popular writer Wu Yu's novel of the same name, about the original immortal who was guarding the demons of the Forgotten River, was deported by mistake and became the king of all the demons of the Hundred Spirits Pool - Spring Demon (Guo Jun Chen), had to take the unlucky princess of the Northland country Han Sheng (Kang Ning) to start a mythical journey to find the "book of the host" to avoid the "Millennium Robbery".

The "Hundred Spirit Lake" with love line and task line together to create a and the audience "empathy" of the demon world, in the form of a unit drama, framed their own worldview, no heavy background settings, ponderous character relationships, but can focus on the delicate portrayal of the characters and emotions, each paragraph of the story rhythmic tension, plot reversal, contains profound reasoning, to explore a more independent new style of love concept.

Cornie Kang is not only impressed with her acting skills, but her appearance is also very good. From her official poster, you can see that she looks very sweet and cute, giving one the impression of a sweet girl in a period outfit.

Next was Guo Junchen, whom everyone was very familiar with. You may be familiar with Guo Junchen from the drama "The Life of the White Fox". But having said that, Guo Junchen has also appeared in many movies and TV series of very high quality so everyone recognizes his acting ability a lot.

And from his official poster, you can see that Guo Junchen's outfit style is very subtle, completely different from the cool, high-class male image in modern dramas. However, Guo Junchen's costume appearance was highly appreciated, so this time many netizens must have identified this drama just by seeing Guo Junchen's appearance.

Back to the story that started when she enters the Lake of a Hundred Spirits and accidentally discovers that she is carrying the book of the hosts, which is only available to demons, so she follows the spring demon to explore the mystery of the book of the hosts and experiences a heart-warming story together.

A young righteous Taoist priest, Bu Fan (played by Qu Tian Rui), meets Bai Shan (played by He Mei Xuan), who tempts a woman's life in exchange for her looks to collect Yang life for her husband, Ah Su, and the two sides become entangled in a tangled relationship.

Silently guarding his beloved Kong Qi (Li Mingjun) and the war god Xiao family princess snow white camel Xiaoshan (Zong Yuan Yuan), after a love disaster, finally understand the original face of love, wrong love like smoke and clouds, must cherish the person in front of you.

Shen Ci (Wu Mansi), a red-finned fisherman, falls in love with Xie Changye (Chen Zhengyang), a pledge of the Northern Land, and voluntarily endures severe pain, shedding her fishtail and following Xie Changye to become a dead soldier by his side.

Guanyin's doppelganger, Wu Yin (Dong Chunhui), who uses the water of the Pure Bottle, is sent to raise Si Tong (Zhao Ziqi), waiting for Si Tong to grow up and then destroy it together with the demonic energy of the Sprite Abyss. However, in the process of raising Si Tong, the two of them develop a strong teacher-student and father-son bond. When Si Tong knows that the meaning of his life is to be destroyed, he finally becomes a demon.


Drama: Bai Ling Tan
Chinese Title: 百灵潭 / Bai Ling Tan
Also Known As: 百靈潭
Broadcast Website: MGTV, Mango TV
Broadcast Date: August 22, 2021 - ? 
Air Time: Sun-Tue 20:00 (2 eps), 6 eps released early for VIP
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Xianxia
Director: Huang Chun
Screenwriter: Mu Jingwen
Production Company: Mango Entertainment, Chenxing Shengshi, Huahai Pictures
Executive Producer: Yan Xiaorui
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Wu Yu


Main Cast

Fiction Guo Junchen as Chun Yao
Connie Kang Ning as Han Sheng
Wei Tianhao as Si Mao
Ou Tianrui as Bu Fan
He Meixuan as Bai Shan
Li Mingjun as Kong Qi

 Supporting Cast

Zong Yuanyuan as Xiao Shan
Wu Mansi as Shen Ci
Chen Zhengyang as Xie Changye
Dong Chunhui as Wu Yin
Zhao Ziqi as Si Tong
Yu Lei as Kong Lan


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