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Chinese Drama Master, Wait a Moment 2021 Review

Friday, September 3, 2021


"Master, Wait a Moment" is a contemporary public security drama. This drama is produced by Mango TV and Jiahua Guangying, and there are two directors, Zhao Tianyu and Huang Yuanda. The combination of the two directors shows that the status of the drama is extraordinary, and the strength of both of them is very good. The drama stars actors such as Lin Yushen and Liu Yitong.

There have been a large number of dramas released one after another with a wide variety of themes. In addition to the costume dramas and youth school dramas that we all love to watch, there are also many suspenseful and brain-burning dramas, such as criminal investigation or public security dramas. This type of drama is also very popular in the past two years, after all, after watching a lot of light-hearted and funny dramas, it is also a good taste to watch this kind of suspenseful and brain-burning drama.

Unlike some of the police dramas we have seen before, this drama is about "internal fighting" between police officers. In this drama, Wang Dayu, a rookie cop, is placed undercover in a pyramid scheme but is pursued by Xu Wushuang, a veteran detective who is unaware of the situation. The misunderstandings have led to a game of "Cat and Mouse Game" between the two men, who were originally on the same side. The drama is worth waiting for, and Wang Dayu has an identity as an invisible rich boy, so there are many twists and turns in the drama.

"Master, Wait a Moment" is the story of a rookie cop and a veteran detective who battling it out on all fronts and battling it out intellectually. Why do they confront each other when they are obviously both cops? The rookie cop, Wang Dayu, takes an undercover assignment and infiltrates the inside of a pyramid scheme den as an undercover agent. However, Xu Wushuang, a veteran detective who has just been transferred back, decides to close the net as soon as he has information about the pyramid scheme, not even knowing that there is a colleague of his inside the crime syndicate.

Lin Yushen plays Xu Wushuang, the 34-year-old deputy captain of Suicheng City Criminal Investigation Brigade, Xu Wushuang, who has a cold personality and is extremely sane. He is good at labeling and categorizing all clues, and he has a logical palace in his mind, using all valid information to simulate crime scenarios.

 Although Lin Yushin looks young, he is actually 40 years old and has played the role of a middle-aged man in many dramas, such as Yang Xiao in "Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre" and Lu Jin, the CEO in "Dating in the Kitchen". From the previous dramas in which Lin Yushen has appeared, he has a wide range of roles, and this time he is doing a police drama after a sweet drama, and he is quite comfortable in changing roles.

Liu Yitong plays Wang Dayu, a newcomer who graduated from the police academy for a year. He is a newcomer who is a professional in trace inspection and has excellent professional skills. However, his personality is soft. , Acting carelessly, to a certain extent will disrupt Xu Wushuang's plan. He is the second generation of invisible rich and could have inherited the family property, but his kind nature made him determined to be a policeman who punishes evil and promotes good.

Born in 1997, Liu Yitong, a graduate of the Beijing Film Academy, Liu Yitong has starred in a number of high profile dramas since his debut, such as Sword Dynasty and Love Better Than Immortality. After that, he even starred in the TV series Love of Thousand Years. After getting familiar with costume dramas, Liu Yitong started to try his hand at police dramas, so he starred in the criminal investigation drama "The Truth", and this time he stars in "Master, Wait a Moment", which is also his second attempt at starring in police dramas.

Compared to Lin Yushen and Liu Yitong, the lead actress, Luo Yutong, may not be as well known. This pristine looking actress has only been around for a short while and has only appeared in a handful of dramas, but hopefully she will get more attention with this "Master, Wait a Moment".


Drama: Master, Wait a Moment / Detective A and B
Chinese Title: 双面神探 / Shuang Mian Shen Tan
Broadcast Website: MGTV (Mango Tv)
Broadcast Date: September 7, 2021 - ?
Air Time: Tue-Wed 20:00 (2 eps)
Genre: Modern, Police
Episodes: 32
Director: Huang Yuanda, Zhao Tian Yu
Screenwriter: Hu Yang
Production Company: MGTV, Jia Hua Guang Ying
Chief Producer: Zhao Tianyu
Producer: Zhou Tao
Country: China


Lin Yushen as Xu Wushuang
Liu Yitong as Wang Dayu
Luo Yutong as Tang Zhi Xin
Long Zhengxuan as Chi Yifei
Ning Danlin
Zhen Ziqi



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