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Favorable Clothes Tips For You

Monday, August 23, 2021

There are a lot of uncomfortable situations that we face every day related to clothes such as a broken iron right before you go to an important meeting, it's late at work and you can't pull the zipper... Applying the following tips, life will be a lot easier.

1. Determine the right size of jeans without trying on

There are two very simple ways: First, take the belt of your pants and wrap it around your neck. Pants will fit around your waist if it's just enough to create a loop around your neck. Second, measure the waist with your arm, the pants will fit you if the waist area just contains enough length from your elbow to your grip.

Measure the length of the pants: You hold the 2 hem parts of the pants and then spread your arms to the sides. Pants stretch and stretch just as long as your arm's length is okay.

Check the fit of the trouser leg: Please close your fist and put it on the trouser leg. Your fist should fit the bottom of your pants.

2. Remove stains on suede shoes

You just need to use a piece of bread as a towel.

Allow a slice or two of bread. Let it sit on the counter for one to two days.
Gently rub the dirty area with the stale bread in a circular motion. It will create a few crumbs.
Repeat until dirt lifts from the shoe disappear.

3. How to avoid wrinkles on clothes

After ironing the clothes, hang them on the hanger and wait for them to cool. Because if you wear it immediately, while the clothes are still hot, the wrinkles will reappear.

4. Tips for making clothes flat without an iron

Hang your clothes in the bathroom when you shower( better with warm water). Although not as perfect as iron, this method also helps to reduce wrinkles somewhat thanks to the hot steam spreading throughout the room.

5. Wipe leather shoes and accessories clean

You just need to spray a little window cleaning solution on your shoes or bags... then wipe it with a clean cloth.

6. Combine jeans and ankle boots in the most stylish way

You don't have to put your pants in your shoes, just fold the hem up a circle.

7. Patch ripped Jeans

A hole in your jeans shouldn't be a reason to ditch the whole pair. Try on some tear revolutions as shown in the picture, you will have a pair of pants more stylish than the original.

8. Fix a stuck zipper

Use a cotton swab to apply a little vaseline (lip balm, lotion) or soap to the clogged lock and then you can zip it as usual.

9. Clean the stains on the rubber soles of sports shoes

To make your shoes look like new again, use nail polish remover to clean them. You just need to pour the solution on the sole of the shoe and then use a paper (or clean towel) to wipe it off.

10. Deodorize shoes

After drinking tea, do not rush to throw away the teabag. Please keep and wait to dry, then put two tea bags in each shoe, the smell of leather shoes will be much more pleasant.

11. Extend the life of sweaters

Sweaters are usually heavy, so if you use a regular hanger to hang them, it can cause the shirt to stretch and have nodules at the shoulders. Instead, roll your shirt up on a shelf, or hang it on a hanger with round shoulders, you will prolong the shelf life of the shirt.

12. Refresh the heel

Your shoes are still in good condition, but the heels are worn out. You can refresh your shoes by applying glue to them with sparkling sand grains (almost like a children's sand painting game), the shoes will be as good as new again.

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