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Bella Hadid With Fashion to wear training clothes to the street

Saturday, September 11, 2021

 The 25-year-old model showed off her toned abs as she left the gym. She often wears training clothes to walk the streets.

Bella Hadid was seen leaving the gym to go home. DailyMail reporter praised her toned abs and model figure. The 25-year-old star wore a small black sports bra paired with matching leggings. Her natural hair is tied up neatly with plaid scrunchies. The large bag she carries is used to store additional food for post-workout time. 

For a long time, Bella Hadid is considered one of the first young stars to promote the fashion of wearing workout clothes on the street. She used to attract attention when wearing a beige outfit. At that time, many people commented that she was wearing nothing. Some people think that she looks sophisticated when combined with bags, multi-layered necklaces. 

Not only on the street, the female model born in 1996 also wore training clothes on television. 

Bella renewed the trend of wearing workout clothes by changing many hairstyles, outerwear and pants lengths. She once shared that her wardrobe could not be without leggings and sport bras. It helps her to move easily and to be in shape. Despite the fact that many people have stigmatized women wearing tight pants in the past 10 years, Bella Hadid still confidently wears it when leaving the gym or walking on the street.

Whether the season is hot or cold, Bella always has the right combination. The outer jacket or jogger pants help reduce the sexy look for female models. Sometimes, her appearance is also subtly classic with the appearance of hairpins, small glasses or chunky earrings... 

According to InStyle, Bella was inspired to wear leggings from her sister Gigi. Since being famous, the two sisters are often seen matching outfits with body-hugging black pants. They are considered the ideal model of young people with the style of overcoming all barriers, daring to be themselves.

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